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Our Story


At Therapy Solutions Abroad, we provide our patients with access to online mental health services provided by experienced and dedicated professionals.  Our online practice was founded in 2016 and launched in 2017 with the mission of providing support to Americans living abroad.  We officially incorporated as a limited liability corporation (LLC) on June 13th, 2017 and expanded into in-person practice in Virginia in 2019.
As expats ourselves, we have seen first-hand the work, family, and general life stress that can often co-exist with living abroad.  We are separated from our family, our friends and our home country.  We miss a lot of the 'little' things like our favorite foods, sporting events, stores, and neighborhoods, which we know can add up and suddenly go from no big deal to profound homesickness.  People and families in our situation also experience other serious problems like coping with PTSD, depression, marital difficulties, loss of loved one back home, or a newly diagnosed child with a disability.  Thus, we believe that Americans deserve support and access to professional therapy from native English speakers who understand the cultural nuances and perspectives we bring to the world around us.
In order to achieve our goals overseas, and now domestically in Virginia, we designed a flexible online clinic which can provide a full array of services from initial consultation to full diagnostic assessment and evidence-based therapeutic interventions.  From beginning to end, we personalize your services to create individualized service plans designed for success.